A TikTok user named YK Hong is criticizing Delta Airlines for a mishap that they made. The airlines allegedly sent the user’s personal information to the wrong email address as a result of an email mix-up. Now, Hong is calling out Delta Airlines for leaking his personal data.

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Who is YK Hong?

YK Hong is a TikToker who has charged Delta Airlines for sharing his private details in an email mix-up. He shared details of the unfortunate incident in a video under the handle @ykhong on TikTok. This TikTok quickly gained momentum as it crossed over 20,000 views on the social networking site.

“Delta Airlines just shared with a complete stranger an entire email thread that included address information, tons of emails of my family members, as well as bank account information,” Hong says in the clip.

Hong had been trying to get a reimbursement for a canceled flight after contacting Delta for seven months, as per the clip. They claim that after seven months, the business’s European branch answered that they would compensate Hong and requested a number of personal credentials in order to do so. Hong gave the information that was needed.

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“But in their most recent email to me, where they included all of that information and the entire thread from the last seven months, I noticed that there was an entirely random Yahoo address on that final email,” Hong shares.

“When I looked closer, I saw that the Yahoo address handle included the word ‘hong,’ which of course is my last name, but is not my email [and] has nothing to do with anyone’s email in any of the thread at all,” they continue.

“This is a serious data privacy leak on behalf of Delta Airlines,” Hong states. “They’ve compromised a ton of data about myself as well as my family, and this of course puts myself and my family at risk for identity theft and fraud.”

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Hong describes how Delta responded to them in a subsequent video, but claims that the company did not recognize the “racism or the privacy breach.” All they acknowledged was the refund for the canceled flight that I originally wrote them about,” Hong claims.

When it was brought to their attention once more, they just started a new thread and praised Hong for “continuing to be a Diamond Medallion member.” In response, Hong urged Delta to take responsibility and return to the original thread concerning the alleged racism and data breach.

“Haven’t heard back from them since,” Hong concludes.