Amazon Quiz: Which planet made its closest approach to Earth since 1963?






Answer- Jupiter

In an event known as opposition, Jupiter was completely opposite the sun as seen from Earth on Sept. 26. This allowed skywatchers to glimpse the solar system’s largest planet in stunning clarity.

During the opposition, Jupiter, Earth, and the sun are all lined up so that Earth is sandwiched between the two large planets, which are both on the same side of the star. It will also be at its closest point to Earth, known as perigee, as the gas giant achieves opposition and rises from the east at the same time the sun sets in the west. Jupiter was 367 million miles away from Earth during this closest approach, which marked the gas giant’s closest visit to our planet since 1963.

Jupiter’s opposition and its perigee very seldom coincide despite taking place on identical time periods, which made this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the enormous planet. Every 13 months or so, Jupiter swings into opposition, which causes it to appear larger and more prominent in the sky.

Jupiter’s orbit around our star takes 12 times as long as Earth’s, thus once per year, Earth makes its closest point to Jupiter during its 365-day journey around the sun.

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