On Wednesday, new images of Andrew Tate surfaced, showing just how badly prison has impacted Tate’s appearance, particularly his hair.

In Romania, authorities are holding Andrew, 36, and his brother Tristan Tate in preventative arrest as they look into rape and human trafficking charges. The brothers were detained for the first time around the end of December 2022.

Tate looks to have grown out his hair in the recently made public photographs, which also show off a beard, a thick moustache, and a spotty receding hairline.

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Tate previously provided followers a sombre account of life in jail, claiming that his cell was dark and had “cockroaches” and “bedbugs.” But, despite his less-than-luxurious surroundings, some people were surprised to see Tate sporting hair because they thought the former kickboxer was bald.”

Moreover, the alleged rapist tweeted a regular picture of his shaven head on Tuesday, and wrote “I saw my reflection today and I barely recognized myself. A long beard, a full head of hair and the stresses of battle show on my face.”

Andrew got trolled on this as well, as people made fun of the fact that he referred to his spotty hairline as ‘head full of hair’. Tate had previously claimed he “was not bald” and that he shaved his head on purpose.

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“‘A full head of hair’ is kinda stretching it bro,” one commentator noted bluntly.

“I’ll be honest I would not consider that a long beard or full head of hair,” another also wrote, with physicist Dr. Jonathan Hall agreeing: “I felt the same way, but I was too scared to say.”

Here are some hilarious Twitter reactions for the same:

In response to the trolls, Andrew Tate’s representative suggested that people should concentrate on helping him receive justice rather than his hair problems.

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Tate’s spokesperson told TMZ, “The peculiar online fascination with Andrew’s hair has proven, as a society, we care less about the potential dangers of false accusations and more about how people look.”