Six people were hurt at sea after their tourist boat collided with a humpback whale, sending the small craft and its passengers soaring through the air.

A terrifying video captures a boat full of people being launched high into the air after colliding with a humpback whale.

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Take a look at the video-

According to reports, an unforeseen incident occurred off the coast of Mexico, injuring a party of visitors.

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The video, which has since gone viral, shows many people being flung into the sea after colliding with the sea creature. According to reports, the crash injured five people, three of whom were sent to the hospital.

The force of the impact catapulted the vessel into the air, propelling it out of the water with enough force to send at least one passenger through the air and perhaps of the vessel.

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An investigation has been launched into the incident to determine why the tour boat failed to maintain a safe distance from the whale. According to some reports, the boat was speeding at the time of the tragedy.

The incident’s video was released online by the state’s Civil Protection.

“When the whale came up from the sea, it pushed the boat, causing some passengers to collapse and sustain injuries,” Civil Protection spokesperson Benjamin Garcia told local media.

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“Three persons were hospitalised, one of them critically,” he added, “and two more were treated at the port.”

According to Sea Kayak Adventures, Baja is considered one of the world’s finest whale-watching destinations, with over a dozen different species of whales filling its waters between January and April.

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However, Mexican regulations require all whale-watching vessels to maintain a safe distance from the animals at all times, raising the question of why the vessel was travelling at such a fast pace so close to the mammals.