The news of the popular sports restaurant chain, Hooters, shutting down has gone viral on social media. More than the news, the reason for its closing its doors is creating all the buzz online.

On Tuesday, Daily Loud tweeted, “Hooters is shutting down and ‘rebranding’ after new study shows that millennials ‘aren’t that into b**bs'” which immediately went viral. The outlet did not mention any other details about the study itself or when the restaurant chain plans to shut down permanently. 

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It is important to note that the restaurant itself has not put out any news of its shutdown. It seems like business as usual on its Instagram account as it goes about promoting its food, ambiance, and other upcoming events and deals.

The waiting staff at Hooters restaurants are primarily scantily-clad young women, usually referred to simply as “Hooters Girls.” Their revealing outfits and sex appeal are a primary component of the company’s image.   

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Due to Hooters’ reputation, the company was trolled on Twitter, especially after it was revealed why it was closing its doors. 

“WOKE HOOTERS?” one user asked, while another stated, “Hooters rebranding to focus on a** now. They might’ve earned themselves a new customer.” One more was genuinely upset as they wrote, “Dining at Hooters is a cornerstone of the American male experience. When the woke feminists and beta males attack Hooters, they aren’t just attacking a restaurant that employs beautiful women to serve cold beer and hot wings. They’re attacking the essence of American manhood.”

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One Twitter user suggested, “Rebrand ‘Hooters’ to ‘YAMS’ and you’ll stay in business.” Another wrote, “Hooters has suffered due to its lack of willingness to adapt to the conditions of the Renaissance of A**. This is a cake era. The epoch of the thick dumper. Perhaps they thought they could weather their dark age until titties returned to vogue.”

As of 2016, there were more than 430 Hooters locations and franchises around the world.