Wakey Wines, an off-license in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, that gained popularity on TikTok in 2022 for its videos promoting the energy drink Prime, has been banned from the platform.

The energy drink known as Prime, developed by Logan Paul and KSI, has gone viral. TikTok is flooded with videos of teenagers standing in line outside of shops to buy a bottle, with desperate parents paying exorbitant prices to buy the beverage for their kids.

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Only Asda sells the beverage in the UK, therefore other stores and sellers on eBay have had to significantly raise their prices and sell the drink.

Wakey Wines’ owner revealed that the account of his business has been suspended from TikTok. In a post shared on the store’s Instagram Story, they wrote: “Hi guys, today there is a well-known influencer trying to tarnish my business I have been building up for years. I have now been banned [from] TikTok at 500k [followers].”

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The owner said that he had been “working so hard” to build his company and that all of their videos were merely “for fun.” They continued, “like any other businessman I took the opportunity”.

Fans of Wakey Wines were thanked by the owner, and they were invited to report tweets made by “jealous, horrible people.”

Customers are seen telling the camera how much they paid for a can of Prime in the videos posted on the Wakey Wines Instagram account.

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One patron, who had come from Birmingham more than 100 miles away, claimed to have paid £100 while holding a pink can of the beverage.

One can of Prime with lemon and lime flavor and one strawberry and watermelon flavor were purchased by another customer from Bradford. When the owner of Wakey Wines asks him how much he spent, he replies, “£200.”

One video showed a couple traveling over 50 miles from Mansfield to Wakey Wines in order to spend £300 on three cans of Prime.

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The videos showing Wakey Wines selling Prime beverages for significantly more than their £2 retail price have already been addressed by KSI.

He said in a YouTube video, “Wakey Wines, my man is charging people £20 per Prime.”

The influencer told fans they were being “ripped off” if they paid £25 per bottle.

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“Do not pay that much for Prime. I know people want Prime ok, just wait or camp out [at] Asda nice and early, get in nice and early, and pay £2,” KSI continued.