Author Isaac Asimov revolutionized science fiction with his exceptional works. He is regarded as one of the best science fiction authors and has edited and authored more than 500 books.

Asimov graduated with a chemistry degree before starting his literary career, and he ended up publishing non-fiction books about physics and chemistry. His works have been praised by many. 

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On his 103rd birthday, reflecting upon some of his best works seems like a good way to honour his legacy. Here are Asimov’s 5 best, in no particular order, sci-fi books:

The Naked Sun

Asimov wrote the science fiction book The Naked Sun, which was first released in 1957. It chronicles the tale of Solaria, a society whose traditions and practises caused a political breach with Earth. Elijah Baley, a Solarian fetologist, is contacted to look into Delmarre’s death after his passing.  The investigation into Delmarre’s death leads to a broad revelation of the abhorrent customs that Solaria enforces around face-to-face interaction and sex.

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Elijah finds out through additional investigation that Jothan Leebig, a neighbour of Delmarre’s, was developing a positron brain that would enable spacecraft to attack ships with humans aboard them. It soon becomes clear that Leebig altered the robots in Delmarre’s home so that Gladia, his wife, would have an arm, which she then used to murder her husband.

Forward the Foundation

The Foundation series includes Forward the Foundation. The account of Hari Seldon’s existence on Trantor during the time that he initially developed the theory of psychohistory is told in the book. Yugo Amaryl’s concern for his friend Eto Demerzel causes Hari to become involved in galactic politics after learning about the applications of his theories. Demerzel leaves his job as first minister due to growing opposition to him.

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The Empire enjoys peace for ten years after Cleon, the Emperor, promotes Seldon to the position of First Minister despite his reluctance. But after a coup attempt results in the Emperor’s murder, Hari resigns from his position. When Hari reaches this point in his psychohistory, he is able to predict the Empire’s destiny. Hari loses everyone who is close to him when his consort Dors is killed. Even though his family has abandoned him, Hari continues to fight to keep his project afloat.

The Gods Themselves

In 1972, the book The Gods Themselves was released. Against Stupidity, The Gods Themselves, and Contend in Vain? are the book’s three parts. In the first part, radiochemist Frederick Hallam’s discovery that elements can be transformed from a parallel universe results in the creation of the Pump, a limitless source of energy. Lamont made a finding, though, that suggested the Pump might be hazardous. Despite his attempts to alert legislators, they ignore him, which results in a catastrophe when the Pump goes into overdrive.

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The novel’s second part takes place in a parallel dimension with a stronger nuclear force. Intelligent beings in the parallel universe have superpowers because of the atomic distance between it and the first reality. The story of physicist Denison, who uses a third parallel universe to improve the Pump’s efficiency, is told in the book’s last part.

Robot Dreams

Asimov’s novel Robot Dreams is composed of a collection of 21 short stories. In November 1986, the stories were collected into a book, which was then released. Robot Dreams is the sequel to The Complete Robot.  It tells the tale of Doctor Susan Calvin, a robopsychologist, who learns that LVX-1, a robot, is capable of dreaming. The three rules of robotics were altered in the robot’s dream by a revolution that was launched by robots. LVX-1 acknowledges that he was the insurrection’s leader.

Pebble in the Sky

Isaac Asimov’s debut book, Pebble in the Sky, was released in 1950.  It depicts the tale of retired tailor Joseph Schwart, who is caught up in a nuclear accident that sends him 50,000 years into the future. Joseph is thrust into a culture that he does not comprehend or speak. He wanders into a property and is taken in by a couple. The pair employs Joseph as a test subject since they believe he has a mental disability, but the surgery they perform on him improves his mental ability.

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The Galactic Empire includes the Earth, which is dominated by a group of religious extremists whose mission was to infect the Empire with a terrible super-virus. However, Joseph thwarts the extremists’ plans after rescuing the couple who gave him mental enhancements.