Exploring the latest Star Wars series, “Ahsoka,” science fiction enthusiasts will undoubtedly recognize a voice that feels remarkably familiar—the distinctive tones of Doctor Who icon, David Tennant.

In this series, Tennant returns to his role as the droid Huyang, a character for which he was honored with a Daytime Emmy award. His portrayal of Huyang originally captivated audiences in the animated series “The Clone Wars.”

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As is characteristic of the droids within the Star Wars universe, Huyang injects moments of levity into the narrative, offering his unique perspective on various situations and delivering delightfully acerbic comments—a trait that frequently adds a touch of humor to the storyline.

Who is David Tennant?

David John Tennant, originally known as David McDonald and born on April 18, 1971, is a distinguished Scottish actor who has made a substantial mark in the entertainment industry. He achieved widespread recognition through his portrayal of the tenth incarnation of the Doctor in the BBC’s beloved science fiction series “Doctor Who,” a role he embodied from 2005 to 2010, and again in 2013. Notably, he returned to the show once more in 2022 as the fourteenth incarnation of the iconic character.

Tennant’s repertoire includes a range of notable roles, such as his portrayal of Giacomo Casanova in the BBC’s comedy-drama series “Casanova” (2005), Barty Crouch Jr. in the fantasy film “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (2005), Peter Vincent in the horror remake “Fright Night” (2011), and DI Alec Hardy in the acclaimed ITV crime drama series “Broadchurch” (2013–2017). Additionally, he portrayed Kilgrave in the Netflix superhero series “Jessica Jones” (2015–2019), Crowley in the Amazon Prime fantasy series “Good Omens” (2019–present), Angus in “The Loud House Movie” (2021), and Phileas Fogg in “Around the World in 80 Days” (2021).

Beyond his on-screen achievements, Tennant’s theatrical journey has been equally remarkable. He notably took on the titular role in the 2008 Royal Shakespeare Company production of “Hamlet,” a performance that later made its way to television. His vocal talents have also left an indelible mark, with roles in projects like “The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!” (2011), “Ferdinand” (2017), “Final Space” (2018–2021), “gen:LOCK” (2019–present), the “How to Train Your Dragon” films (2010–2019), and his portrayal of Scrooge McDuck in “DuckTales” (2017–2021).

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Tennant’s contributions to the world of entertainment were acknowledged with the National Television Award for Special Recognition in 2015, underscoring his substantial impact and enduring legacy in the industry.