Anand Mahindra known industrialist and Chairperson of Mahindra and Mahindra a Mumbai-based conglomerate is known for his witty, insightful, and entertaining tweets. Mahindra is very active on social media and his tweets often cause a buzz on the internet.

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In a recent tweet, he shared a photo of a mural of American actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The illustrator has however very amusingly written Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name in Hindi as Arnold Subhashnagar (A residential colony in Delhi). Along with the image, Anand Mahindra wrote “This is the ‘Great Indian Funnel.’  We adopt everything and everyone & give them Indian Avatars! हम पूरी दुनिया को अपनाते हैं. (And I wonder why I used to try so hard to pronounce ‘Schwarzenegger’ when I could have just called him Mr. Subhashnagar..)”

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This tweet has created a substantial buzz on the internet just like his earlier tweets. His post has received 11.5 thousand likes and hundreds of retweets. This post has amused many social media users one such user wrote “For those us from Bangalore, he is Arnold Shivajinagar,” a user wrote while another said, “This is the limit of Indianization. I had read a Marathi story where James Bond was Indianized as Janu Bande.”

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While some found the post to be funny and amusing one user commenting upon the mastery of the illustrator wrote  “And hats off to the artist who has painted Arnold in a few strokes of brush… no need to even write the name there.”

Anand Mahindra often posts entertaining tweets that end up going viral. Very recently he had shared a time-lapse video of an astronaut Chris Cassidy which also went viral on social media just like this tweets.

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Originally posted by Wonder of Science and the industrialist quote-tweeted the video of astronauts working in space while floating. “Just mesmerising to watch. Literally like an out-of-this-world ballet. I want to start my week believing my work is going to be as critical-and as fascinating-as this astronaut’s work is #MondayMotivation,” Mahindra said in the Twitter post.