When a video demonstrating the fortitude of a mother appeared on social media,
it quickly went viral. And this isn’t your typical mother. It is, in fact, a
bird attempting to protect her eggs from what appears to be an impending
threat. Anand Mahindra became a fan of the film, and has shared it on his
Twitter timeline. “Maa Tujhe Salaam (Mother, salutations to you),”
says the Chairman of the Mahindra Group in a single line caption.

A bird can be seen pacing around her eggs and brooding in the video. Suddenly,
an excavator is seen going across the mud path, perilously close to the eggs.
The bird immediately starts chirping loudly in an attempt to keep the truck
from driving over the eggs. Even as the digger gets closer to the eggs, the
bird continues to chirp and spread its wings.

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The excavator continues to go back and forth, accompanied by the avian
tweeting. The excavator eventually pulls away from the bird and its eggs.

Watch the video, which has recorded more than 334k views on the social media
platform, here:

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Replying to the post, one internet user said, “No one can give love and affection like a

“Only a mother has such courage,” said another.

A person wrote, “True love and responsibility.”

In another video that went viral recently, a Royal Bengal tiger was seen jumping off a boat and swimming towards the Sunderbans in the Bay of Bengal. The video was shared by Parween Kalwaan, an IFS officer.