Andor, unlike many other Star Wars shows, does not subscribe to a fan-pleasing model of storytelling, where each episode is loaded with numerous references to the greater Star Wars universe. This show is more about the lowest common denominator of the universe. It is not about the massive spaceships the leaders of the universe own, but about the ones who make the wheels of such a vehicle.

Be that as it may, the show does sometimes put in subtle Easter eggs that some keen fans might notice. Here are some Easter eggs from episode 9 of the Diego Luna-led series.

Vel and Mon Mothma

In this episode, we get to know that Vel Sartha is the cousin sister of Mon Mothma, and the former is among the very few people who know that Mon is working for the rebel cause. Their relationship harks back to the one shared between Satine Kryze and Bo-Katan in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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Mon Mothma’s situation and Star Wars: Rebels

Mon Mothma has been balancing her two roles quite subtly all this while, but things are beginning to look pretty grim for her. While accessing her finances has been an issue, she is also facing resistance from other senators about her plans. In Andor, we can expect to get a clear idea about how she finally sheds her identity as an Empire official and dives headlong into the rebellion- something that will find her leaving Coruscant by the time events in Star Wars: Rebels kick in.

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Bix Caleen and Princess Leia

In Bix Caleen’s torture scene in episode 9, we find a subtle reference to the scene in which Darth Vader interrogated Princess Leia in the very first Star Wars movie. In a similar fashion to the first film, here too the door descends down and confines Bix in a room with Meero and the doctor who uses the latest technology to torture people. However, unlike Bix, Leia did not give up, and this shows the strength of character of the daughter of Anakin Skywalker.