In a new vlog shared by Ananya Panday’s cousin Alanna Panday and her fiance Ivar McCray, they opened up about their upcoming marriage, likes and dislikes, and answered many  questions that had been asked by fans.

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Answering  questions on the wedding date, Ivor said  he wants the world to return to normal first. He talked about how difficult it was to bring his friends and family to India because they need a work visa to get in. He went on to state, “This is a call to the Indian government–reduce your restrictions so I can bring my family”. Alanna added how they wanted to have their wedding with all of their friends and family. She spoke about their plan to have two weddings, a Hindu and a Christian wedding. The couple is looking forward to getting married only after a year or a year-and-a-half because of the vast amount of planning that has to go into it. Alanna also spoke about her plans for the Indian wedding, which she wants to be a three- to five-day ceremony in Jaipur in Rajasthan.

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Alanna was then asked if she had met Shah Rukh Khan. She told viewers that she had but Ivor hadn’t. Ivor joked that it wasn’t true and he had also met King Khan. He further spoke about how he and Shah Rukh Khan got beers the other day when they were in India and how he was teaching them dance moves.

Answering questions on their favourite actor, Alanna defensively agreed that it would be Ananya, even if it seemed partial. Ivor added that he was a big Salman Khan fan, and Salman Khan was his favourite Bollywood actor.

Alanna and Ivor also talked about what they like, dislike and tolerate about each other. Ivor loves his fiance’s silliness and how she always makes him laugh. He joked about her being cute and dorky at the same time, how Alanna takes the seriousness out of situations and makes him laugh. Alanna, on the other hand, said  she loved his positivity and thoughtfulness but that she had to tolerate his procrastination. The couple answered many such questions from viewers throughout their vlog.