rapper Lil Nas X took to Instagram and posted a story on Wednesday, December 28, revealing that he has a son whom he doesn’t want to hide from the world.

Lamar Hill who is popularly known as Lil Nas X once again caught his fans by surprise
and posted a story on Instagram which wrote, “Yes I have a son and I’m no
longer gonna hide him from this cruel world.”

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The artist
also shared a picture of a baby boy of around a year of age.  After this revelation by the rapper, his fans stormed
Twitter with various comments and speculations.

A user took
to social media and wrote, “I can’t
tell if he’s joking or not now…but again, if he does have a son and isn’t just
being a troll, congratulations on him!”

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This is not the first time
Lil Nas X revealed a secret of his personal life. Before this, the rapper also revealed
his sexuality and came out as gay.

Some fans are also
trolling him and saying that Lil Nas X is not even gay and was pretending to be
one while others are confused and questioning how he had the baby boy.

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A user tweeted, “Lil Nas
X convincing the world he was part of the LGBTQ community despite having a son
the entire time”

Another user who is confused about the news wrote, “LIL NAS

Some fans also think that the rapper is referring to his toy
Bronco as his son and not the boy.

One of his fans tweeted, “lil nas x is clearly talking about
Bronco when he says his son”

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There are people who think that the baby boy is not his son. One
user took to Twitter and wrote, “That
is his nephew. Please don’t take him seriously.”

Lil Nas X has surely made his fans go crazy over the news of him
having a son.