Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up about his legendary rivalry with Sylvester Stallone in the new Netflix docuseries Arnold, shedding light on their intense competition and eventual friendship.

In the 1980s, Hollywood witnessed an epic clash as two action superstars, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, competed fiercely for the top spot in the industry. These larger-than-life figures ruled the box office with their adrenaline-pumping films, captivating audiences worldwide. Their rivalry became the stuff of legends, with both stars striving to outdo each other in a battle for action movie supremacy.

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During the height of their rivalry, Schwarzenegger openly admitted that he viewed Stallone as his “enemy” and saw their competition as a driving force for his success. In his recent Netflix documentary, Arnold, the Austrian-born actor revealed, “Every time he came out with a movie, like Rambo II, I had to figure out a way of now outdoing that.” Stallone, on the other hand, remembered their relationship as being incredibly antagonistic, to the point that they couldn’t stand to be in the same room and required separation.

The rivalry between Schwarzenegger and Stallone was akin to a heavyweight boxing match, with Stallone comparing it to Ali versus Frazier. Stallone often found himself in the role of the underdog, admitting that Schwarzenegger would emerge from their cinematic battles seemingly unscathed, while he constantly felt defeated.

Their rivalry extended beyond the silver screen, encompassing every aspect of their careers. They competed over physical appearances, seeking to have the most ripped and oiled-up bodies. They even vied for the title of the toughest and most vicious action star, constantly pushing the boundaries of intensity and weaponry in their films.

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While Schwarzenegger ultimately achieved the status of number one at the box office, even Stallone humorously acknowledged that his rival’s victory was well-deserved. “He wanted to be number one. Unfortunately, he got there,” Stallone quipped, acknowledging the hard work and dedication Schwarzenegger put into his craft.

As time passed, the rivalry between Schwarzenegger and Stallone transformed into mutual respect and friendship. They eventually set aside their differences and collaborated on various projects, sharing the screen in films like Escape Plan and the highly successful Expendables franchise. Currently, they are working together on The Expendables 4, slated for release in September this year.

The documentary Arnold, available for streaming on Netflix, provides an in-depth look into Schwarzenegger’s life and career, shedding light on his perspective regarding the rivalry and his journey to becoming an iconic action star.

The rivalry between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone will forever be etched in Hollywood history. Their fierce competition pushed them to new heights, captivating audiences worldwide.