Chip, written in the comics as Ch’p, is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. The Crabster Army of Doctor Ub’x invaded Sector 1014 and killed that sector’s Green Lantern. Ch’p the leader of H’Ivenite was sentenced to death. 

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Ch’p was bestowed with a Green Lantern ring by one of the Guardians of the Universe who visited him in his cell before his execution. Using the ring, Ch’p defeated Ub’x and his army. Ch’p acted as the Green Lantern, Ch’p kept the identity of his civilians a secret from his girlfriend M’nn’e and his best friend D’ll. 

His adventures as Green Lantern included multiple battles against Doctor Ub’x as well as Battle Beaver, the Mole Patrol, Chick Fury and his Eagle Scouts, and the Terrible B’Gul Bears. Ch’p defeated the pirate crew of the Blackheart Pogo in space. He also served with the Corps on many occasions like defeating the Anti-Green Lantern Corps. 

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The Crisis on Infinite Earths led to a tragic period in Ch’p’s life. He helped Goldface and Lurlan Dupo during the crisis. Ch’p discovered that in the current timeline he was supposedly killed in an accident several years earlier when the multiverse collapsed. He also discovered that his wife is married to his best friend D’ll. This made him relocate to Earth, where his fellow Green Lanterns were the only beings who remembered his existence. 

When the Central Power Battery on Oa was destroyed, Ch’p was one of the few Green Lanterns whose ring still functioned. Ch’p eventually went into hibernation after failing to restart his life on H’Iven. While investigating the destruction of the central highway on the Mosaic World, Ch’p was struck and killed by a yellow truck.

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Ch’p has appeared in numerous ways since his death. He is shown in one of the last Kyle Rayner Green Lantern stories, where Kyle visits his sector. He also appeared in a flashback story in the current Green Lantern series #31, training in the same class as Hal Jordan. 

Diego Luna will bring Chip to life in his first feature film appearance in the DC League of Super Pets. Chip appears to gain his power in the same event as other pets in the DC League of Super Pets trailer. It is still unknown how this character unfolds. In the movie, he will become Green Lantern’s pet.