After much speculation and BTS fans requesting to see one of their idols, K-pop boy band member, Jungkook does an official collaboration with the iconic fashion brand, Calvin Klein, it seems like they are just one step away from getting their wish come true.

On Sunday, Cedric Murac, Executive Vice President and Creative Director of Calvin Klein posted a teaser on his Instagram stories that made fans certain that it was the teaser for a campaign ad of Jungkook being signed by Calvin Klein.

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Although Jungkook’s face was not really shown in the teaser, there were enough snippets of some of his body parts that made fans convinced that it was none other than Jungkoon. The entire teaser was shot in Black and White with snippets of different footage woven into one, where CK’s brand logo was prominently visible on different types of apparel that the celebrity was seen wearing. However, it is the shot featuring Calvin Klein’s underwear where the model – supposedly Jungkook – is seen running, wearing a jacket and low waist jeans that put the undergarments on display in flashes.

Murac also followed Jungkook on Instagram and liked several of his posts recently. That is when the speculation started. The recent developments made BTS ARMYs fans really curious and excited about what it could mean for the future.  Many speculated if Jungkook is the next global ambassador of Calvin Klein. Others wondered if he could be featured in a new campaign or a photo shoot for the brand.

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Calvin Klein also posted a tweet a few weeks ago where they asked followers to name a celebrity who should be in a Calvin Klein campaign. Most of the responses urged the iconic fashion brand to consider Jungkook. Many of them even shared photos and videos of Jungkook wearing Calvin Klein underwear or clothing.

Interestingly, only recently Valentino and Dior announced Suga and Jimin (the other members of BTS) as their global brand ambassadors, and around the same time, some fans had made a guess that there were chances of RM being signed by Bottega Veneta, Jungkook to be signed by Calvin Klein’s ambassador.