Love Is Blind season 4 has viewers hooked with the dramatic love triangle between Zack Goytowski, Bliss Poureetezadi, and Irina Solomonova, leaving Zack regretting his choice of partner.

Love Is Blind, the hit Netflix reality dating series, is back with a fourth season and has once again captivated viewers with its dramatic twists and turns. One of the standout storylines of the season so far is the love triangle between Zack Goytowski, Bliss Poureetezadi, and Irina Solomonova. Zack, a 31-year-old Criminal Defense Attorney, found himself torn between Bliss, a 33-year-old Senior Program Manager, and Irina, a 26-year-old Business Owner, during the show’s “pod phase,” where contestants communicate with each other without seeing each other face-to-face.

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Despite having a deeper connection with Bliss, Zack ultimately chose to propose to Irina, much to the surprise of viewers and his fellow contestants. However, as the season has progressed, it has become increasingly clear that Zack made a mistake in choosing Irina over Bliss.

Throughout their time together, Irina has shown little interest in Zack beyond superficial conversations about their families and backgrounds. In contrast, Bliss has been a constant source of support for Zack, sharing her own struggles and showing genuine empathy towards his traumatic past.

Zack’s regret over his decision to choose Irina has become apparent in recent episodes, with him expressing frustration over her lack of interest in him and her forgetting his birthday, while Bliss went out of her way to make him cupcakes and celebrate with him.

The situation has come to a head in the latest episode of Love Is Blind, with Zack and Irina deciding to break up before they have to move in together. With Zack now single and still clearly pining for Bliss, the show is set for a dramatic finale as viewers wait to see whether the couple will reunite.

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The love triangle between Zack, Bliss, and Irina has been a central storyline of Love Is Blind season 4, highlighting the show’s unique premise of contestants falling in love without ever seeing each other.