Nuseir Yassin or NasDaily, an Arab-Israeli public figure, and vlogger, recently announced on Instagram that he and his longtime girlfriend Alyne Tamir have broken up after 6 years of being together.

The video of the breakup news was posted with the caption, “This is the end. @dearalyne and I are breaking up. You, the audience, were the first people to know about our relationship 6 years ago. You were with us during our lows and highs. You cheered for us. That’s why you also deserve to know about the end of our relationship. This is the longest video we’ve ever made. 13 minutes long. I hope this helps someone out there with their relationship. I hope they can avoid our mistakes before it’s too late. Until then, Alyne and I will remain good friends. We have zero regrets. Because… No growth of the heart is ever a waste. Love you, Alyne.”

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Relationship Timeline: NasDaily and Alyne:

Arab-Israeli social media guru, Nas Daily, rose to stardom after making daily 1-minute Facebook videos for a thousand days. He and Alyne declared their relationship on day 445. The couple then went into detail about the challenges they faced when trying to date. Nas, a Palestinian, hailed from a Muslim household while Alyne, an Israeli native, was born into a Jewish and Mormon family.

Additionally, the couple said that whereas in typical partnerships the man is often older, Alyne was older in their relationship. Furthermore, Alyne was still getting over a failed marriage at the time.

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On day 851, the couple discussed the reasons why their relationship almost didn’t last. They discussed their arguments, breakups, and their families’ opposition to the union. Nas and Alyne outlined the actions they took to ensure the success of their relationship as the video went on. “In one year, we taught our families to accept us. Our past, we learnt to let go, and our differences, we for over! It’s simple, we overcame our problems by looking inwards and improving ourselves first.”

Now, on May 22, 2023, the couple announced their final breakup, through a video that took the audience through the whole journey of their relationship. According to the clip, the couple started dating in June 2016 after meeting online. The two detailed all of the things that made them fall in love with each other and expressed that they still loved those things. “For 6 years, we lived an incredible life,” said Nuseir. “But sometimes even the best of things come to an end.”

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The 13-minute video detailed all of the reasons why they’ve decided to go their own ways and how they’ll still remain friends. They ended it with the song ‘Que Sera Sera’, highlighting the lyrics, “Whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see.”