The NBA All-Star pre-game got a surprise visit from the masked defender of Gotham as the upcoming ‘Batman‘ movie dropped a new trailer. 

Brian Anderson, the broadcaster, was providing a routine transition to the commercial break. However, the video board located outside the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland started to behave strangely. 

The board, which is meant to advertise the All-Star game, displayed green text saying “unmask the truth”. Soon the bat signal could be seen on the roof, and then Batman himself.

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Anderson can be heard saying “You guys getting this in the truck? Something’s happening outside. Hold up, is that the Bat-Signal? I think the Batman’s on the roof. And I can’t believe what I’m seeing”. Then, it transitions to the actual trailer as we are transported to Gotham and its criminal underbelly. 

We see Bruce Wayne take on the mantle of Batman and fight crime in Gotham. Among the many villains he encounters, is Penguin, the dangerous mobster who believes himself to be the ‘Gentleman of Crime’. 

As Bruce Wayne’s vigilantism begins to make waves, his loyal butler, Alfred comments on his newfound notoriety. The trailer shows a lot of action, which ties in with the type of gritty film Matt Reeves set out to make. 

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We see Batman coordinating with the Gotham PD, specifically Jim Gordon, and obviously, we see a lot of Selina Kyle or Catwoman, who’s Batman’s ally and occasional romantic interest. In the trailer, she – like many others – seems to be curious about who’s underneath the mask. 

However, Batman’s identity has remained a closely guarded secret to those in Gotham, and the trailer merely shows how Batman reinforces his identity as ‘vengeance’. 

‘The Batman’ is slated to release on March 4, with Robert Pattinson playing the titular part, while Zoe Kravitz and Paul Dano appear as Selina Kyle or Catwoman, and Edward Nygma or Riddler, respectively.