Jumping on the bandwagon of sizzling and captivating dating reality shows that dominate the summer television lineup, we have the fifth season of Too Hot to Handle. This time, the show is determined to make its mark alongside popular titles like Love Island 2023, Love Island USA season 5, and Temptation Island season 5. Returning to Netflix, Too Hot to Handle introduces a fresh batch of participants ready to push their boundaries of self-control when it comes to their desires, all while potentially discovering genuine connections. Of course, each contestant also dreams of claiming the coveted cash prize at the end of the season.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season.

Release Date:

The new installment of Too Hot to Handle debuts on Friday, July 14 on Netflix. 

“On the shores of paradise, gorgeous singles meet and mingle. But there’s a twist. To win an enticing grand prize, they’ll have to give up sex,” reads the official synopsis of the show.

Netflix revealed that participants in “Too Hot to Handle” season 5 face the challenge of “forging emotional bonds while refraining from any physical intimacy” if they wish to compete for the grand prize of $200,000. With the cash reward as their ultimate motivation, the show becomes a true test of strength for these individuals, who must navigate unfamiliar territory in their pursuit of genuine connections.


Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Season 5 boasts a cast brimming with dynamic personalities, ranging from models to realtors. The cast members are Dre Woodard (23-model from Atlanta), Isaac Francis (24-year-old banker/model from New Jersey), Alex Snell (28-year-old personal trainer from London), Christine Obanor (26-year-old model from Texas), Courtney Randolph (25-year-old real estate agent from Houston), Elys Hutchinson (23-year-old model from Switzerland), Hannah Brooke (24-year-old artist from Los Angeles), Hunter LoNigro (24-year-old influencer from Arizona), Louis Russell (22-year-old model from Hampshire, UK), and Megan Thomson (26-year-old personal assistant from Cambridge, UK).

Episodes and Plot:

The first four episodes of the season are set to premiere on Friday, July 14th. Fans can then look forward to the next batch of three episodes arriving on Friday, July 21st. Lastly, the remaining three episodes will be available for streaming on Friday, July 28th.

In a thrilling twist, the ten singles participating in the upcoming season will initially think they are embarking on a luxurious Caribbean yacht retreat for a new dating show called ‘Love Overboard.’ Hosted by a charming and enigmatic captain, they expect a different kind of competition. However, their world is about to be turned upside down when the truth is unveiled – they are, in fact, contestants on Too Hot to Handle (THTH).


Watch the Too Hot To Handle Season 5 trailer.