In order to raise interest in an upcoming album release, Jason Aldean posted a video to social media on July 14 promoting his May single, Try That In A Small Town. However, CMT has since confirmed that the network removed the contentious music video from the air on Monday after initially broadcasting it. They took this measure before Tuesday’s uproar over the song heated up more.

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Who owns CMT?

CMT is a Canadian English-language discretionary specialty channel. Corus Entertainment and Paramount Networks Americas jointly own the company in question. The majority ownership (90%) is held by Corus Entertainment, with the remaining (10%) owned by Paramount Networks Americas.

Similar to its American counterpart, CMT used to devote a significant portion of its programming to country music, including concert specials and music videos. The station gradually altered its emphasis to family-friendly sitcoms and other general entertainment.

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CMT’s flagship channel in the United States is a subsidiary of MTV, which is owned by Paramount.

CMT pulled Jason Aldean’s song after it drew criticism for its “very scary lyrics” as well as for its music video. The footage was recorded in front of the Tennessee courtroom, which was the scene of a racial mob murder in 1927 of a Black man. Furthermore, in the song, Aldean talks about a gun given to him by his grandfather and expresses his unwillingness to give it up. In his song, he says, “They say one day they’re gonna round up/Well, that s*** might fly in the city, good luck.”

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The lyrics continue: “See how far ya make it down the road/Around here, we take care of our own/You cross that line, it won’t take long/ For you to find out, I recommend you don’t/Try that in a small town.”

A CMT spokesman failed to provide any additional insight into the video’s removal. Representatives of Aldean’s record company, BBR Music Group, who were contacted for comment, also did not respond. Billboard was the first to report on the network removing the video.