Sugarcane juice is largely recognised as a summer for its cooling benefits, sweet refreshing taste and easy availability but of late it has become the winter favourite. People in India often go in for a glass of sugarcane juice in the scorching sun of summer but its advantages are not limited to just being a refreshment. 

We have put together a list of benefits of sugarcane during the winter. 

For overall health :

 1. Instant energy booster: Winters come with a great deal of lethargy. Sugarcane juice nominalizes glucose release in the body and gives up energy to begin the day with a lot of zeal. 

2. Helps with stomach issues: Sugarcane juice is known for its digestive properties, sugar has potassium which helps with overall functioning and well-being. It also helps with passing kidney stones and kidney health in general.

3. Delays tooth decay and bad breath: This juice contains minerals, calcium and phosphorus, and this works as a homemade solution for bad breath.

4. Treats sore throat: Vitamin C is abundantly present in sugarcane which helps with a scratchy and sore throat. It also helps with viral infections because of the presence of antioxidants. 

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For Skin : 

1. Cures acne: Mixing sugarcane juice and Multani mitti and applying it on your face and body will replenish and rehydrate the skin. 

 2. Has anti-ageing properties: Sugarcane juice has antioxidants, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds that give the skin a smooth, glowing and dewy look.  

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Apart from these amazing qualities that sugarcane juice possesses, it is also known to :

-Strengthens body organs

-Helps with amnesia

-Ensures safe pregnancy

-Stabilizes liver functioning

-Eliminates body toxins

-Promotes good nail health

-Helps in the treatment of urinary tract infection

Sugarcane juice will surely become the new favourite during winter because of its hydrating and healing benefits for holistic well-being.