In a bizarre incident, a woman who ordered some fried
chicken for her son from a popular food joint in the Philippines was shocked when she received a completely different food item. She received a deep-fried towel.

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Alique Perez said that she ordered chicken for her son from a popular fast-food chain in the country.

At first, the pieces didn’t seem any different from usual
pieces of fried chicken, with similar-looking brown crust. But she became suspicious of the food when her son failed to take a bite of the chicken. Saying that as she
was trying to get him a bite, she found it “super hard to even slice”.

So, she tried to use her hands to break the crispy fried chicken, following which she found a deep-fried towel. “This is disturbing… How the hell do you get the towel in the batter and even fry it!?!?” the woman wrote on Facebook, sharing images and videos to show the unusual incident.

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The video shared by her has got over 2.5 million views. In another video shared by her where she dubbed it the “worst experience ever”, Perez can be seen trying to untangle the ‘fried’ cloth. “Having the same oil for how many hours after frying this FRIED TOWEL.” she added, saying she can’t even imagine thinking about other orders made from the same batch.

“The essence of the towel contaminated the oil and the
batter from the supplier so how many chick enjoys are affected? We won’t know,”
the woman added. The post where she shared the invoice of the order, along with
the videos, caught the eyes of many online.

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After the popular fast-food chain in the country faced criticism, the company announced a temporary closure of
the outlet.

The purpose of the temporary closure was to review the
branch’s compliance with procedures as well as retrain the staff.