Amazon Quiz (April 16, 2022): Pat Cummins took a 5 wicket haul in the final test of the series against Pakistan in 2022 in which city?





Answer: Lahore

Australia played a three-Test series in Pakistan in 2022 that saw Pat Cummins take a 5-wicket haul in the final Test to become the third Australian captain to lead his team to victory in a tour of Pakistan.

The first two matches of the tournament both ended in a draw, resulting in the high-stakes final in Lahore that Australia won to achieve a 1-0 victory in the series.

The series victory saw Cummins join the likes of former Australia captains Richie Benaud and Mark Taylor, who had earlier achieved the same feat.

Commenting on the historic win, Cummins said, “It’s one of just immense satisfaction for me. Everyone is just totally elated. Winning the Ashes series was huge but winning overseas doesn’t happen very often.”

“The Ashes went quickly and it was satisfying. But this was my first big tour where I wasn’t a new captain any more,” Cummins explained, adding, “We were playing overseas, foreign conditions […] a group of 30-odd people here, players and staff on a mission to try and win the series.”

He described the series as a challenge, saying, “It was real toil for the last 25 to 30 days and to come here was totally different to Australia, with different conditions.”

“And as a captain, that’s a big responsibility. So I think this one is just incredibly satisfying and shown that our group here is a very good cricket team,” Cummins added.

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