CCTV footage shows BJP leader Sonali Phogat stumbling and walking with the assistance of a suspect, hours before her death. The TikTok star and entertainer-turned-politician died at 42. In the video, she can be seen taking assistance from a man, who’s believed to be one of the suspects. 

Sudhir Sagwan and Sukhwinder Singh were Phogat’s associates and arrived with her in Goa on August 22. They are now suspects in her death case with Goa police believing that an economic motive might have led them to commit the act. 

As per the post-mortem report, the former Bigg Boss contestant had multiple blunt force injuries over her body. The video evidence logs the final moments of Phogat’s life and comes amid an admission from the Goa police that her drink was spiked

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The authorities added that two men took Phogat to the washroom of the restaurant, around 4:30 AM on August 23, and were there with her for two hours. Cops are trying to determine what happened during this time. They believe that the signs of injuries on her body might be abrasions that occurred while Phogat was being taken to the hospital, but there were no visible injuries when she arrived there, which is why the doctors had initially ruled her death as a heart attack.  

However, Phogat’s family was unwilling to accept the situation and pressed for an investigation. Initially, the police filed an unnatural death case and then registered a murder case too. They now believe that Phogat died because of whatever substance was fed to her at the restaurant. 

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Her death has put Curlies bar in Goa in the spotlight once again. Phogat spent her last evening at the shack restaurant in south Goa’s Anjuna beach and complained of restlessness there. In 2008, a 14-year-old British girl was raped and murdered in this restaurant.