After being diagnosed with a tumor in December 2020, a 12-year-old German Shepherd knew little about the road that lay ahead. Now, the dog is cruising down the same road, riding with her owner for an all-India bike trip.

Maggie, who took off from her home in Madhya Pradesh along with her owner Rajat Parashar, a civil engineer, is now enjoying the summer breeze of Goa as the duo rides through the beachy state. Accompanying them is Marvel, another German Shepherd dog who was left stranded by a family in the city of Mumbai. 

The trio ride on a bike that has a crate-like basket affixed at the back. The dogs occupy the basket with seatbelts and leashes, while stylishly sporting sunglasses and helmets. 

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26-year-old Parashar was struck by the idea when he realized how the sound of a bike roaring makes Maggie bounce off the walls. 

“Maggie is a family member. We share a strong bond,” Parashar said, according to The Times of India. 

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Holding back his tears, Parashar revealed how the 12-year-old dog was “diagnosed with five malignant tumours.”

Following the diagnosis, he took Maggie to a veterinary cancer clinic located in Mumbai for surgery. 

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After the procedure, the vet confirmed that Maggie displayed a high chance of survival. This was the moment when Parashar decided to embark on an all-India bike tour with Maggie and Marvel, who enjoy each other’s company. “The two have bonded well,” he shared. 

From living on the road for a night to getting robbed once in Jammu, the trio has experienced it all while traveling through the states of Kashmir, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and Maharashtra.