The current lockdown situation has left everyone stressed, everyone
could use an alcohol-free drink to get through stressful weekdays. There are a ton
of mocktails that are healthy and delicious. Many mocktails are full of
vitamins and antioxidants that have health benefits to help you take on
your stressful day.

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From refreshing fruity drinks to sweet sodas, check out these 5
mocktails to help you get through stressful weekdays:

1.  Virgin pina colada:  It is a non-alcoholic tropical milkshake. In
the long term, this coconut-almond pina colada is also supposed to help lose
, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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2.  Blackberry ginger mocktail: This light and refreshing
mocktail is packed with vitamin C and high in fiber. Fiber is crucial for
maintaining healthy bowels, relieving constipation, and controlling your
weight. Blackberry Ginger Mocktail is a beautiful and delicious sparkling drink
for brunch.

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3. Fresh mint limeade: It is a great tool in weight loss,
but it just so happens to be amazing for your skin as well! The mocktail is
refreshing and invigorating, ready to get you through the day. Plus, the watermelons
and lime have high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants and can help prevent
heart disease.

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4. Mango mule mocktail: Mangoes are one of the most popular
fruits in the world and their sweet tropical flavor is simply exquisite. This mocktail
uses the freshness of mint, the kick of ginger, and the sweetness of mango to
create the most fantastical tropical drink that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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5. Roy Rogers: It’s yet another simple but tempting mocktail
prepared from coca-cola. It’s a simple non-alcoholic concoction of grenadine
syrup and coke with a traditional garnish of maraschino cherry or any other
garnish you like!