India, being a tropical region, experiences summer longer than many countries in the world, and it is not always pleasant. Our places are not only hot but humid too. The temperatures in several states soar to over 45 degrees Celsius, making people cranky. During this time, staying cool and hydrated is extremely important. And what better way to do the same than eating nutritious seasonal fruits

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Seasonal fruits tend to be fresher, tastier, healthier and full of nutrients as they are locally produced in your area at a particular time of the year. As the produce is seasonal, it comes in less contact with harmful chemicals, including preservatives and pesticides.

Here are five seasonal fruits that you must include in your diet this summer:

1. Watermelon

This red, juicy fruit is one of the best cooling fruits to have in summer. Watermelons are packed with vitamin A and C. They also have Vitamin B6 and potassium. The fruit is easily available and cheap.

2. Litchi

Litchi is a great source of potassium, polyphenols, and vitamins. Litchis are small in size so you can even carry them easily. The fruit is rich in antioxidants, boosts immunity, prevents cancer, and reduce inflammation.

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3. Guava

Guava is another seasonal fruit that people have in many forms. The fruit is great for diabetic patients as it balances blood sugar levels and insulin. Guava is also considered to reduce menstrual cramps. It has soluble fibre and potassium.

4. Mango

Another fruit that you get to have only in summer, mango is loved by most people. The ‘king of fruits’ has as many as 20 minerals and vitamins. It is on the higher side of calories but keeps you full for a long time. Again, people have mangoes in different dishes and forms.

5. Black plums

Black plums are not only nutritious but fun to eat. Known as Jamun in Hindi, the fruit makes your tongue purple right after eating it. Its deep purple colour is because of its rich antioxidant content. In India, Jamun is said to be the ‘fruit of Gods’. It is rich in iron, calcium and vitamin C.