While the latest lineup of Macbooks were the highlight of the ‘Unleashed’
on Tuesday, Apple also launched a polishing
cloth for cleaning the screens of their products. It can clean any Apple display
including nano-texture display. What caught people’s attention, however, was its price tag. 

The price of this polishing cloth is Rs 1,900; this piece of cloth is made of soft, non-abrasive material and has logo of Apple at one corner. According the company, the cloth is currently available on Apple website.

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The listing
of the polishing cloth in the Apple US Store is proof of that. As you go for
booking this polishing cloth earlier this week, the Polish cloth has already
run out of stock on the Apple US website. The product page now mentions that
the next batch of Polishing Cloth will be shipped in six to eight weeks from
now. Note that Polishing Cloth is not in stock in the US but is still available
to be purchased in India through the Apple Store. 

Well, like
memes, people are quick to point out the popularity of Apple products among
consumers. Some have pointed out that those who laugh at Polishing Cloth bought
it anyway, while others praised Apple for being able to make the most sales on
any product.

Many are
left wondering why people are going to pay $ 19, like the price of Apple
Polishing Cloth in the US, for a small piece of fabric. It could be the
promised compatibility with Apple devices. It can be the quality associated
with the product name. In any case, only the people who bought it will be able
to prove their reasons for doing so.

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The launch
of this polishing cloth has attracted the attention and the meme of the moment
for netizens . Many people have called Apple a supplier of accessories at an
exorbitant price.

Here are some hilarious twitter

The new MacBook Pro comes with two new high-performance chips. Apple also launched a new Apple Music plan, and new colors for HomePod Mini and the third-generation AirPods.