Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, declared on May 12 that the company has selected veteran NBC Universal executive Linda Yaccarino as its CEO. On the social media platform, many users did not, however, appear to be in favor of the choice. As a result, the hashtag “RIP Twitter” became very popular on the social media platform Twitter and started trending.

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Here are some tweets about the “death” of the social media company that were posted on Twitter:

Twitter user @More_Bitty said, “RIP @Twitter You’ve just appointed a braindead Commie as CEO. I’ll get this out there now… fuck Linda Yaccarino and everybody else on the WEF.”

@PatriotCause1 tweeted, “Linda Yaccarino new CEO of Twitter. “WEF board member Pioneer of DEI (diversity equity inclusion) Wokeism” She will take Twitter back to the restricted platform it was before. RIP Twitter”

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Another user posted, “Let me get this straight. Elon purposely alienates the left, leading users (and advertisers) to leave. Now he makes the right big mad (RIP Twitter trending) by hiring *gasp* a liberal woman with a background in ads to run Twitter, leading more users to leave. Genius”

@MalcolmGallows said, “Loving this RIP Twitter meltdown. You’re an idiot for giving Elon $8 to begin with, marks.”

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Many users, however, criticized the trend with a Twitter user saying, “I’m really enjoying the RIP Twitter trending topic. All these butthurt loons who gave Phony Stark $8 a month for a blue checkmark because they thought it was “stickin’ it to the libs,” are now melting down in a rage because the new CEO is a woman. Fucking beautiful,” and another tweeting, “This whole RIP Twitter shit is just as stupid as last round. We know Melon Husk is an idiot and apparently, now magats think he is too. Granted they are crying because a woman is going to be the new CEO. We’ve already hit the iceberg though.”