Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, has derided MSNBC’s star host, calling her
‘Lack of Joy Reid’, while also accusing her of being a lobbyist for Senator
Elizabeth Warren. Musk’s explosive tweet comes amid an ongoing tax spat with
the US government. 

entrepreneur decided to go down this road after Reid called him the worst,
saying that he manipulated and misappropriated black vernacular for his own
misogynistic ends by using the dismissive word, ‘Karen’. 

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said this on air, and the TIME 2021 Person of Year decided to respond by using
the same dismissive term for Senator Warren while labelling Reid a lobbyist for
the woman. The feud with the senator started when she called out Musk’s latest
achievement, saying that he is a freeloader who does not pay taxes to the
government, and thus does not deserve to be on the cover of TIME

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At the time,
Musk had retorted, saying she was her an angry mom and that she should not call the manager.
Musk also took the opportunity to state that Senator Warren was projecting,
sharing an article about her being ousted as a fraud regarding her Native
American ancestry. He urged her to open her eyes to see that he pays more taxes
than any other American in history.

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came to Warren’s defense and went on a tirade on air, saying that Musk created
a fracas when he did not like what he heard. She added that Senator Warren had
more important things to do than pick a fight with Musk on Twitter. 

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Karen is a pejorative term that became especially popular in 2020, when white
women were called out on videos for committing racist acts. Many of Musk’s
supporters have pointed this out, stating that the world’s richest man did not
really misappropriate the vernacular, since it had already been adopted in the

Some individuals also pointed out the irony in Reid’s focus on
misappropriation, since people have long questioned her claims to Native
American ancestry.