It’s that time of the year again, and we’re not discussing
Christmas. Golden Globe Awards 2021 is back, and along with it are back all the
(in)famous drinking games one sees referred to in social media memes throughout the year.

Scheduled on March 1, 2021 at 6:30 am as per Indian time,
the 78th edition of the show that celebrates American film as well as television’s
finest, will make a return to our screen. Traditionally being the first wave of
a series that practically continues till the Oscars and collectively forms the
awards season, actors, directors and producers alike sure will hope to ride it
all the way to the Oscar podium at the very last stop.

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While the award show, in 2021, is slated to be completely virtual
– much like every other major, celebratory event of the year – there are some
fun games that the viewers can certainly enjoy, and allow themselves to indulge
in to forget the fact that outings in a social setting, such as a pub, will
most likely not materialise this year. And a heavyweight in that list is sure
to be the Golden Globe drinking game, best enjoyed alone – or not, in case one
wants to share their drink.

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There are, however, some steps to prepare oneself before the
games begin, and by far the most important part before any drinking challenge
is not doing it on an empty stomach. Having a solid layer down there is important
in case you want to make it to office the morning after the night before,
especially in India, where March 1 is a Monday.

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Which brings the discussion to the second point. By no way
does this ask, condone or indicate one to take a leave the next day, but as a preemptive
measure, it might be worthwhile to ponder over for some, especially those whose
physical constitution do not take well any excess of alcohol.

A water bottle, and some kind of an energy bar for
resupplying against hangover is an essential component of this game. With this,
you’re all set, and ready to take on the challenge.

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Bring out your champagne, of other choice of liquor, and get
it going.

Take a sip:    

If Co-host Rickey Gervais ends up with a
cringeworthy joke

A winner says that they weren’t “expecting this”

Whenever someone gets bleeped

Whenever someone mentions ‘foreign press’ or ‘HFPA’
(Hollywood Foreign Press Association)

Whenever An awardee mentions their
spouse/partner in their speech

Whenever a presenter fumbles up their lines, or
face a teleprompter issue

Take a shot:

Whenever a Gervais-joke absolutely bombs, or the
audience groans

Whenever someone brings out the ‘all-male
nominees’ card

Whenever any Donald Trump-leaving office
references are made

If Chloe Zhao takes it for Nomadland as Best
Motion Picture, Drama or as Best Director

Take a big Chug:

Whenever a totally unexpected winner is
announced, in any category

If anyone likens a real-life situation to any of
the settings in the nominated TV series or films

If Sacha Baron Cohen comes to the stage as Borat

If Jason Bateman wins the Best Actor in a TV Series
for Ozark

Down the bottle:

If somebody trips on their way to the stage, two
in case of the unlikely and unfortunate event of that person being Jennifer Lawrence