Amazon Quiz: Which country is set to commemorate 200 years of independence from Portugal?



Sri Lanka



Answer- Brazil

Brazil, the South American country was a part of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and Algarves. After it’s independence in 1822, it came to be known as the Brazilian Empire. Although Brazil’s independence is generally celebrated on September 7, some regard July 2 of 1823 as the true independence day since the Siege of Salvador happened on that day.

The declaration of independence was made by Dom Pedro I, who later came to be known as The Liberator. Despite the declaration, formal recognition came from the Kingdom of Portugal in 1825. This treaty is known as the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro.

The Portuguese first integrated Brazil into their empire in April 1500. Till then, the area was populated by a number of small tribes. A huge population of such tribes died out as they were introduced to diseases like measles, smallpox, tuberculosis, and other diseases that the Europeans brought with them.

Although the declaration of independence was made in 1822, a hueg area of the country remained under Portuguese control for almost two years. The Brazilian militia under the new empire was not that well-equipped to defeat the European powerhouse, but their navy proved to be the deciding factor. Brazil had seized a number of ships from the Portugues when they left the country, and this was used against them during the war.

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