Jason Sudeikis began his career in improv. He then worked as a writer for Saturday Night Live (SNL) for two seasons before working as a performer. At SNL he played several roles with a terrible personality.

But with Ted Lasso, his onscreen character is reversed to an extremely sweet and thoughtful but flawed coach. “I personally didn’t want to play a buffoon or use our time and our scripts to humanise a bastard – that had been done. Ted, the character: he’s looking for the best parts of life,” he said.

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He further explained, “A thing I have felt for a long time is that the worst version of, like, ‘a human man’ is a guy who is ignorant but arrogant. And so we wanted to play a guy that was ignorant, yes, but also curious – and that’s a subtle touch.”

Sudeikis said that his TV show Ted Lasso is not a show or a character but a vibe. “It’s called Ted Lasso, but it’s not a show, it’s not a character: it’s a vibe, and the show trickles down as spillover from that vibe.”

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He also talks about what kept him at SNL, “With this show – being a writer, creator, and being on set for most scenes – those parts of me play all the parts in the show: I get to try to harmonise with all these other voices, which has always been my favourite thing to do. That’s the only reason I got to stay at SNL: not because of the sketches I was writing, but, because those first couple of years, I enjoyed rewriting with people,” he said.

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In the second season of the show, Ted has to win over a new sports psychologist, Sharon. He is seen struggling to motivate his team. His short-tempered alter ego was activated. The show also has exciting storylines of the supporting cast, from Rebecca’s dating life to Roy and Keeley’s relationship. And Nate getting used to his new position as the assistant coach.