Nelson Lee takes on the role of Senator Hamato Xiono in Ahsoka, a new live-action addition to the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.

Who is Senator Hamato Xiono?

In the latest expansion of the Star Wars universe, Ahsoka brings to life Senator Hamato Xiono, portrayed by Nelson Lee. Xiono emerges as a prominent figure within the New Republic, hailed as one of its most esteemed politicians. While his position affords him influence, it’s his complex relationship with his son, Kazuda, that adds depth to his character. When Kazuda gets pulled into the Resistance’s fold, he distances himself from his father’s assistance, taking on the Resistance’s challenges independently.

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A pivotal moment occurs when Hamato Xiono reaches out to his son after the cataclysmic destruction of Hosnian Prime. In a coded message, he relays the family’s survival but underscores the danger Kaz’s actions pose as he’s identified as a First Order spy. This revelation places everyone in his orbit at risk.

Although originally voiced by Tzi Ma in Star Wars Resistance, Nelson Lee embodies the role in live-action, becoming the face of Senator Hamato Xiono. Lee’s prior appearances in popular TV shows like Lethal Weapon, Shooter, Blade, Westworld, and Stargirl have prepared him for this notable contribution to the Star Wars saga.

As Star Wars enthusiasts continue to be captivated by the expanding narrative, Ahsoka stands as a testament to the evolution of the franchise. With Dave Filoni, the creative mastermind behind The Clone Wars and Rebels, at the helm, elements from the extended Star Wars Legends universe have been reintegrated into the main canon, garnering excitement among fans.

Ahsoka marks a significant milestone as Filoni brings his cherished creations into the live-action realm. The premiere of the show has revealed an ensemble cast, each member poised to contribute to the unfolding narrative. As the series unfolds, audiences will delve deeper into the intricacies of Senator Hamato Xiono’s character and his connection to the wider Star Wars universe.

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With the initial episodes now streaming on Disney+, fans of the franchise can immerse themselves in Ahsoka’s latest installment, eager to uncover the complexities that Senator Hamato Xiono brings to this galaxy-spanning tale.