Mark Edward Fischbach, the YouTuber known as Markiplier, launched an OnlyFans account that was so hyped by his fans that the website reportedly crashed upon release.

Fischbach earlier announced, the OnlyFans in the middle of October, and said he would only create the page if subscribers boosted his two podcasts, Distractible and GO! My Favorite Sports Team, to the top of the podcast charts on Apple Music and Spotify. Fischbach has over 34 million subscribers, putting him in the top 100 for most subscribed-to channels and one of the most popular YouTube pages dedicated to gaming content. The Los Angeles-based creator started his YouTube journey in 2012 and became renowned for his Let’s Play commentator videos and Five Nights at Freddy’s gameplay content.

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Not long after Markiplier made the announcement, OnlyFans saw an influx of traffic and subsequently was down for a little bit — but it seems the site is up and running just fine at the time of writing.

The first set of images is now already up on the site for those who want to contribute to a good cause (or just want to thirst over the YouTube icon), he reportedly has more in the works. His page currently has 23,000 likes. As his channel has grown, so too has the scope of his content. Not only has Markiplier used his platform to produce ambitious original content like the chose-your-own adventure video A Date With Markiplier, but he’s also spent a significant portion of his YouTube career dedicated to philanthropic efforts. To date, Markiplier has raised over three million dollars across his various charity live streams and fundraising events, including $500,000 raised in a single day for My Friend’s place.

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He said that the money earned from OnlyFans would be donated and split between the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the World Food Program.