Pushkar-Gayathri, an Indian filmmaking duo, are a married couple who primarily make Tamil films. The director couple’s Hindi venture, Vikram Vedha, a remake of the original Tamil film the duo made in 2017, hit the theatres on September 30. 

Vikram Vedha’s Hindi version stars Saif Ali KhanHrithik Roshan and Radhika Apte in lead roles. Yogita Bihani, Rohit Saraf and Sharib Hashmi also feature in the film.     

Pushkar-Gayathri have made a series of successful films including, Onam Po (2007), Vikram Vedha (2017) and the web-series Suzhal-The Vortex (2022).  

Here’s is a list of the director-duo’s best works so far: 

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Here’s a list of some best movies from this Pushkar-Gayathri:

Oram Po (2007)

The husband-wife duo debuted in the Tamil film scene with Onam Po in 2007. Oram Po (which in English means ‘Move Aside’) is a dark comedy starring Arya and Pooja. Lal and John Vijay play supporting characters in the film. 

The film is about an auto-rickshaw driver and racer, Chandru who is friends with Bigilu. Bigilu is a mechanic who is an expert at customising autos to run at a speed of 130 km/hr. Chandru who has to pay dues for his auto, challenges Pichchai, chief of a rival group, to a race. Arya’s life changes when he has an affair with Rani, Bigilu’s sister. The unpredictable story is full of exciting twists and turns, along with humorous comedy and spontaneous dialogues. The film was a hit at the time and received positive responses from critics. 

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Va: Quarter Cutting (2010) 

Va, another Tamil film from Pushkar-Gayathri, is purely a black comedy. It stars Shiva, SPB Charan, and Lekha Washington.  Kalyan, John Vijay, and Abhinayashree play supporting roles. 

The plot revolves around the character Sunderrajan aka Sura who came to Chennai from Coimbatore, while his final destination is Saudi Arabia. Sura is received by a veterinary doctor, Marthandam, who is going to marry his sister. As he is preparing to travel to the Gulf, his travel agent tells him that he won’t get to enjoy liquor or women there. This makes him want to have a last drink (a quarter) before he leaves the country.

While he and Marthandam search for a quarter everywhere possible, he is also met with Saro, a suicidal girl. In search of liquor, he also encounters a gambler. The remaining story is about how he succeeds in his mission and reaches Saudi.

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Vikram Vedha (Tamil, 2017)

Vikram Vedha is a thriller inspired by the Indian folktale ‘Baital Pachisi’. Actors such as R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi are in lead roles. Shraddha Srinath, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Kathir play important characters in the film. 

This is the story of a police inspector Vikram, who is determined to find and then kill the antagonist, Vedha. However, the mystery begins when Vedha voluntarily surrenders, and in return, asked Vikram to listen to his stories if he wants to reach the right suspect of the crimes. The story spins off when Vikram finds out that his team of officers was betraying him since the beginning and Vedha saves him from being killed.