She-Hulk: Attorney at Law deviates from the hero’s origin story as portrayed in the Marvel comics. Here, Jennifer Walters gets her powers after she and her cousin, Bruce Banner, are involved in a car accident. 

The lawyer was on the road with Banner, who’s the Hulk and a member of the Avengers when a Sakaarian spacecraft suddenly appeared. Losing control of the car, the two crashed, and Walters made her way out and tried to get Banner out too. This is when Banner bled on an open wound in Walters’ hand, and his blood gave her the powers of the She-Hulk. 

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However, in the comics, things play out a little differently. Walters is a mild-mannered lawyer working for the District Attorney’s office and naturally steps on a few toes as part of her job. The Hulk’s cousin was seriously injured by a crime boss, at which time, a blood transfusion from Banner saved her life but also gave her the powers of She-Hulk. 

Despite going with a variation of the origin story, the Disney+ series paid homage to the original in the third episode, when a reporter throws a question at Walters, as she’s leaving the maximum security prison where Emil Blonsky aka Abomination was held. 

The reporter asks Walters about rumours that her powers came as a result of a mob hit gone wrong, which is essentially what happened in the comics. 

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Walters took on Blonsky as a client seeking parole and by the end of the episode, managed to secure it with a little help from Wong, the new Sorcerer Supreme. In the course of things, viewers also finally got an answer about why Abomination was fighting Wong in the underground club where Shang-Chi went looking for his sister. 

The episode closed things out with She-Hulk and guest star Megan Thee Stallion twerking to the American rapper’s track, Body.