%u2018Next Guest Needs No Introduction%u2019 is a Netflix original chat show hosted by David Letterman. Like the show%u2019s title, Letterman does not require any introduction. He has been an American television host, comedian, writer and producer for the last 30 years. Known for bewitching the audience with strong wit, humour, he incorporates fascinating conversations with A-list celebrities from around the globe. 

The show allows Letterman to choose the guests and revolve the conversation around specific topics that allow him to dig deeper into relevant issues. 

1: Shah Rukh Khan 

The episode aired on October 25, 2019. Studded with self-deprecating jokes, personal stories and engaging conversation, the episode was concluded as a hit. However, the episode%u2019s portrayal of India and Letterman%u2019s lack of background knowledge on the Bollywood celebrity was massively criticized by the Indian viewers.

Shah Rukh Khan is a Hindi cinema gem with the wittiest answers and an unfathomable following. To give an estimate of his fanbase, his house in Juhu is considered a pilgrimage site and is part of every tourist’s itinerary.

Yet the show did not research into the actor%u2019s past work, his performances and persona. Letterman pronouncing Bollywood%u2019s biggest hit and Khan starrer %u2018DDLJ%u2019 as %u2018DDJL%u2019 is an example of his lack of background work. %u201CLetterman was content to bask in the actor%u2019s magnetism, let the crowd applaud Khan%u2019s dimples’ %u201C, said LiveMint. 

The episode received the highest IMDB rating. %u201CShah Rukh Khan opens up about his rise to fame, his family and his billions of fans as he and Dave meet up in Mumbai and New York%u201D, read the website. 

2: Dave Chappelle

Receiving the second-highest IMDB rating, the episode is no less than a roller coaster. The episode aired on October 31, 2020. At the time the world was engulfed with the Black Lives Matter movement. The death of George Floyd and the movement that followed found its mention several times in the conversation. Even though the topics Chappelle and Letterman touched upon were crucial and delicate yet the two found a way to keep the episode light-hearted and the conversation wholesome. 

3: Malala Yousafzai

In March 2018, the 20-year-old activist Malala featured on the talk show. The Nobel prize winner was shot by the Taliban when she was younger.

%u201CThat%u2019s what we have to fight against, the ideology%u2026 that does not accept women as equal to men, that does not accept women to have the right to education, that does not accept women to have the right to do a job, to decide her own future,%u201D Yousafzai tells Letterman.

She was targeted for her advocacy on the importance of education for women and girls. 

The other highest-rated episodes featured Ellen DeGeneres, Lewis Hamilton, Howard Stern, George Clooney etc. 

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