The well-known streamer xQc has reportedly signed a two-year deal with Kick. The deal, which is estimated to be worth close to $100 million, represents a turning point in xQc’s career.

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xQc also made the statement after joining Kick. The statement read, “Kick is allowing me to try and do things I haven’t been able to before. It should have been a difficult conversation with every platform in the space throwing offers my way, but after speaking to Kick and the team behind it, the choice was obvious.”

As the news of the deal surfaced, several xQc fans were joyed.

Streaming deal-

As per media reports, the deal is valued at around $100 million signifies a significant milestone in xQc’s career. The deal is being marked as the largest streaming deal to date and was negotiated by xQc’s agent Ryan Morrison, who also serves as CEO of the Evolved Talent Agency.

This arrangement is a big deal for the streaming sector, especially since there haven’t been many big streaming deals since Microsoft’s Mixer platform was shut down. However, the business has been reenergized by Kick’s emergence as a legitimate rival to websites like Twitch and YouTube.

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Net worth-

xQc’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is said to be approximately $10 million. His YouTube and Twitch streaming activities are the main sources of his income. According to estimates, xQc receives $3–4 million annually from a variety of sources, including Twitch and YouTube revenue.

Girlfriend Fran-

xQc was earlier dating Adept. Though the couple eventually split. Adept however claimed that she was married to xQc for three years, though all the claims have been declined by the streamer.

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Recently, a former overwatch caster named Fran posted a picture of herself kissing xQc posted on the social media platform and rumors of them dating surfaced. There has been no confirmation regarding the relationship status.

Real name-

The real name of xQc is Félix Lengyel.