Things are not going well for House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy as he attempts to succeed Nancy Pelosi as the House Speaker. McCarthy has not been able to garner the required 218 votes to become the Speaker for the second time now.

It has now been revealed that around 19 Republican lawmakers who had not voted for McCarthy in the first round of the ballots had instead chosen to vote for Rep. Jim Jordan.

After the results of the second ballot were declared, McCarthy said to reporters, “We stay in until we win”, further telling CNN, “I know the path.”

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While the Republicans continue to be divided over McCarthy and Jordan, Democrats have been united behind their candidate, Hakeem Jeffries.

The third round of voting is currently underway, and things are not looking good for the former House Minority leader as Florida Representative Byron Donalds, who had been supporting McCarthy earlier, chose to side with Jordan during the third ballot.

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Guardian reports that when Donalds made his decision, there were a few claps in the House floor.

In the third round of voting, 20 Republican representatives voted against McCarthy, the highest amount so far. Those votes went to Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio.

In the first two rounds, 19 Republicans voted for a different candidate Representative Byron Donalds. In an effort to show party unity, Jordan nominated McCarthy in the second round. Speaking on the House floor Tuesday, Jordan said the differences among Republican lawmakers “pale in comparison” to the differences between Republicans and Democrats.

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McCarthy received 202 votes in the third round, making it the third time he’s trailed Jeffries. Democrats have already picked Jeffries to be their caucus leader in Congress.

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According to CNN, as the votes drag on without a resolution to the speaker standoff, there are discussions about alternatives. There is a discussion among McCarthy opponents about making a motion to adjourn.