Amazon Quiz (August 6): The Technology Innovation Hub on Autonomous Navigation was set up in India at which campus?

IIT Guwahati

IIT Hyderabad

IIT Kanpur

IIT Kharagpur

Answer: IIT Hyderabad

The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (abbreviated IIT Hyderabad or IITH) is a public technical institution in the Indian state of Telangana, located near Kandi village of Sangareddy district.

The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Act, 2011, formed IIT Hyderabad under the Ministry of Education, Government of India. The Lok Sabha enacted the Act on March 24, 2011, and the Rajya Sabha passed it on April 30, 2012. It was established with technical and financial aid from the Japanese government.

Prof. U. B. Desai was the founding director of IIT Hyderabad, which commenced operations on August 18, 2008, from a temporary site in Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited. It relocated to its 576-acre permanent campus at Kandi, Sangareddy, in July 2015. Prof B S Murty is the current Director of IIT Hyderabad. It is on NH-65, near the outer ring road.

The IITH campus encompasses 576 acres of land. ARCOP of New Delhi designed the academic building and noted American architect Prof. Christopher Charles Benninger of Pune designed the hostel. This organic campus is separated into building clusters that will be developed in phases beginning in 2011.

The campus is an excellent example of an energy-efficient, carbon-neutral, and sustainable building in India. The design was inspired by local weather conditions and the need to improve learning. Graduate and post-graduate programmes are separated, as are student and teacher housing, and girls and boys hostels.

In March 2019, the 25 lakh square feet of structures in Phase 1A were finished, including three academic blocks and ten operational hostel buildings (each with a capacity of 200).

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