Jennifer Young has been arrested and is currently facing 20 years in a Mexican jail for suspected drug trafficking. This week, she will have a consultation with a lawyer to go over her trial.

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Who is Jennifer Young?

Jennifer Young is a 33-year-old model and former Miss England beauty queen who has been arrested about 8 months ago. Additionally, when she was 17 years old, the model competed as Miss England for Derby.

Young was born in Germany, to a British mother and a German father. After heading out of her hometown of Derby at the age of 19, she spent the majority of her youth performing as a model and tour guide abroad.

She was detained by authorities for allegedly attempting to smuggle ketamine worth over AUD 465,000 into the Cancun airport after arriving from Amsterdam in August of last year. 13.080kg of the narcotic were discovered in her suitcase, concealed in packets and bottles with a false bottom.

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A tweet from the Mexican police at the time read: ‘In the arrivals of Cancun International Airport, National Guards and airport personnel found several packets and packages that appeared to be cocaine hidden in a hidden layer of a bag belonging to foreign national.’

Before being sent to a prison in Mexico City in February, Young had spent months in an overcrowded jail in Cancun.
For more than six months, she kept her family unaware of her situation by informing her mother, Angela, that she was just traveling across the country.

Angela did, however, uncover what happened five weeks ago when her only daughter forgot to call to wish her a happy birthday. “I’m still coming to terms with what happened. I find sleeping difficult, but it’s not about me. It’s about how Jenny is going to get through all this,” she added.

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If found guilty of transporting drugs, one of the most serious offenses in Mexico, Young may get a sentence of up to 20 years.
An official from the Foreign Office confirmed yesterday night that the British Consulate in Mexico is helping a British national in Cancun and her family back home.