The sixth episode of the latest Star Wars series, Andor, brings us directly into the thick of the action. In this episode, Cassian Andor, along with the other members of Vel’s rag-tag revolutionaries, attack the Imperial garrison outside which Aldhani’s native population have gathered to witness the Eye, a celestial event that they interpret as a holy occurrence. Although Andor is not as heavy on Easter eggs as the other Star Wars shows, it does offer us some rare gems that connect the series to the wider franchise and also make for interesting interpretations.

Here are some major Easter eggs that we can see in the sixth episode:

The Echo call

Vel’s use of the Echo call sign makes us aware of how long the Rebel Alliance has been using this voice signal. In the film The Empire Strikes Back, there is an Alliance base named Echo Base, which probably was inspired by the sacrifices made by Vel and her team.

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Parallels between Han Solo and Andor

There are a number of parallels throughout the series between the characters of Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford, and Diego Luna’s Andor. Both characters had worked on the planet Mimban, and had gotten involved with the Rebel Alliance for money and to escape challenging circumstances. In the scene where Andor shoots down Skeen when he speaks of betraying Vel and her team, one is reminded of the scene between Solo and the bounty hunter Greedo in the very first Star Wars film. Although changed by George Lucas for the Special Editions, the film’s script initially had Solo gunning down Greedo before the later could draw his home.

The Ghorman massacre

One of the evilest deeds of the Empire was surely the Ghorman massacre, which killed numerous civilians on said planet that was first mentioned in Star Wars Rebellion. In a scene where Mon Mothma speaks in the Senate, happenings in Ghorman are under discussion. It remains to be seen whether details of the Ghorman massacre are delved into in this or the next season of Andor.

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Underwater infiltration of the base

We see Vel and Cinta infiltrating the Aldhani empire base by swimming underwater. This is not the first time that a Galactic Empire base has been infiltrated in this manner. Such a method was employed by Obi-Wan when he broke into the Inquisitors’ base. Cal Kestis also used a similar tactic when breaking into the same base.