Himachal Pradesh will vote in a single phase for the Assembly elections on Saturday, November 12. The results will be declared on December 8, 2022. The major parties contesting this assembly election — the BJP, Congress, and AAP, have rolled out the list of constituency-wise candidates.

The BJP is in power in the hill state at present. BJP’s Jai Ram Thakur is the current chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, and he will be contesting from the constituency of Seraj in this year’s assembly polls.

Here’s a list of constituency-wise-candidates for the upcoming Himachal Pradesh Assembly polls- 

1. Constituency name: Seraj

Sitting MLA: Jai Ram Thakur (BJP)

BJP: Jai Ram Thakur

Congress: Chetram Thakur

AAP: Gita Nand Thakur

2. Constituency name: Churah (SC)

Sitting MLA: Hans Raj (BJP)

BJP: Hans Raj

Congress: Yashwant Singh Khanna

AAP: Nand Kumar Jaryal

3. Constituency name: Bharmour (ST)

Sitting MLA: Jia Lal (BJP) 

BJP: Janak Raj

Congress: Thakur Singh Bharmouri

AAP: Parkash Chand Bhardwaj

4. Constituency name: Chamba

Sitting MLA: Pawan Nayyar (BJP) 

BJP: Indira Kapoor

Congress: Neeraj Nayyar

AAP: Shashi Kant

5. Constituency name: Dalhousie

Sitting MLA: Asha Kumari (INC) 

BJP: DS Thakur

Congress: Asha Kumari

AAP: Manish Sareen

6. Constituency name: Bhattiyat

Sitting MLA: Bikram Singh Jaryal (BJP)

BJP: Bikram Jaryal

Congress: Kuldip Singh Pathania

AAP: Naresh Kumar (Kuku Thakur)

7. Constituency name: Nurpur

Sitting MLA: Rakesh Pathania (BJP) 

BJP: Ranveer Singh (Nikka)

Congress: Ajay Mahajan

AAP: Manisha Kumari

8. Constituency name: Indora (SC)

Sitting MLA: Reeta Devi (BJP) 

BJP: Reeta Dhiman

Congress: Malender Rajan

AAP: Jagdish Bagga

9. Constituency name: Fatehpur

Sitting MLA: Sujan Singh Pathania (INC) 

BJP: Rakesh Pathania

Congress: Bhawani Singh Pathania

AAP: Rajan Sushant

10. Constituency name: Jawali

Sitting MLA: Arjun Singh (BJP) 

BJP: Sanjay Guleriya

Congress: Chander Kumar

AAP: Baldev Raj

11. Constituency name: Jaswan-Pragpur

Sitting MLA: Bikram Singh (BJP) 

BJP: Bikram Thakur

Congress: Surinder Singh Mankotia

AAP: Sahil Chauhan

12. Constituency name: Jaisinghpur (SC)

Sitting MLA: Ravinder Kumar (BJP) 

BJP: Ravinder Dhiman

Congress: Yadvinder Goma

AAP: Santosh Kumar

13. Constituency name: Sullah

Sitting MLA: Vipin Singh Parmar (BJP) 

BJP: Vipin Singh Parmar

Congress: Jagdish Sapehia

AAP: Ravinder Singh Ravi

14. Constituency name: Nagrota

Sitting MLA: Arun Kumar (BJP) 

BJP: Arun Kumar Mehra (Kuka)

Congress: Raghubir Singh Bali

AAP: Umakant Dogra

15. Constituency name: Kangra

Sitting MLA: Pawan Kumar Kajal (INC) 

BJP: Pawan Kajal

Congress: Surender Singh Kaku

AAP: Rajkumar Jaswal

16. Constituency name: Shahpur

Sitting MLA: Sarveen Choudhary (BJP) 

BJP: Sarveen Choudhary

Congress: Kewal Singh Pathania

AAP: Abhishek Thakur

17. Constituency name: Dharamshala

Sitting MLA: Kishan Kapoor (BJP) 

BJP: Rakesh Chaudhary

Congress: Sudhir Sharma

AAP: Kulwant Rana

18. Constituency name: Palampur

Sitting MLA: Ashish Butail (INC) 

BJP: Trilok Kapoor

Congress: Ashish Butail

AAP: Sanjay Bharadwaj

19. Constituency name: Bajinath (SC)

Sitting MLA: Mulkhraj Premi (BJP) 

BJP: Mulkhraj Premi

Congress: Kishori Lal

AAP: Pramod Chand

20. Constituency name: Lahaul & Spiti (ST)

Sitting MLA: Ramlal Markanda (BJP)

BJP: Ramlal Markandey

Congress: Ravi Thakur

AAP: Sudershan Jaspa

21. Constituency name: Manali

Sitting MLA: Govind Singh Thakur (BJP)

BJP: Govind Singh Thakur

Congress: Bhuvneshwar Gaur

AAP: Anurag Prarthi

22. Constituency name: Banjar

Sitting MLA: Surender Shourie (BJP)

BJP: Surendra Shourie

Congress: Khimi Ram

AAP: Neeraj Saini

23. Constituency name: Anni (SC)

Sitting MLA: Kishori Lal (BJP) 

BJP: Lokendra Kumar

Congress: Bansi Lal Kaushal

AAP: Inder Paul

24. Constituency name: Sundernagar

Sitting MLA: Rakesh Jamwal (BJP) 

BJP: Rakesh Jamwal

Congress: Sohan Lal Thakur

AAP: Pooja Thakur

25. Constituency name: Nachan (SC)

Sitting MLA: Vinod Kumar (BJP)

BJP: Vinod Kumar

Congress: Naresh Kumar

AAP: Jabna Chauhan

26. Constituency name: Darang

Sitting MLA: Jawahar Thakur (BJP)

BJP: Puran Chand Thakur

Congress: Kaul Singh Thakur

AAP: Sunita Thakur

27. Constituency name: Jogindernagar

Sitting MLA: Prakash Rana (BJP)

BJP: Prakash Rana

Congress: Surendra Pal Thakur

AAP: Ravider Paul Singh

28. Constituency name: Dharampur

Sitting MLA: Mahender Singh (BJP) 

BJP: Rajat Thakur

Congress: Chandrashekhar

AAP: Rakesh Mandotra

29. Constituency name: Mandi

Sitting MLA: Anil Sharma (BJP)

BJP: Anil Sharma

Congress: Champa Thakur

AAP: Shyam Lal

30. Constituency name: Balh (SC)

Sitting MLA: Inder Singh Gandhi (BJP)

BJP: Inder Singh Gandhi

Congress: Prakash Chaudhary

AAP: Tara Chand Bhatia

31. Constituency name: Sarkaghat

Sitting MLA: Inder Singh (BJP)

BJP: Daleep Thakur

Congress: Pawan Kumar

AAP: Dhameshwar Ram

32. Constituency name: Bhoranj (SC)

Sitting MLA: Kamlesh Kumari (BJP) 

BJP: Dr. Anil Dhiman

Congress: Suresh Kumar

AAP: Rajni Kaushal

33. Constituency name: Sujanpur

Sitting MLA: Rajinder Singh Rana (INC)

BJP: Capt. (Retd.) Ranjeet Singh

Congress: Rajinder Singh Rana

AAP: Anil Rana

34. Constituency name: Hamirpur

Sitting MLA: Narender Thakur (BJP)

BJP: Narender Thakur

AAP: Sushil Kumar Surroch

35. Constituency name: Nadaun

Sitting MLA:  Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu (INC)

BJP: Vijay Agnihotri

Congress: Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu

AAP: Shanky Thukral

36. Constituency name: Chintpurni (SC)

Sitting MLA: Balbir Singh Chaudhary (BJP)

BJP: Balbir Singh Chaudhary

Congress: Sudarshan Singh Babloo

AAP: Ram Paul

37. Constituency name: Gagret

Sitting MLA: Rajesh Thakur (BJP)

BJP: Rajesh Thakur

Congress: Chaitanya Sharma

AAP: Manohar Dadwal

38. Constituency name: Una

Sitting MLA: Satpal Singh Raizada (INC)

BJP: Satpal Singh Satti

Congress: Satpal Raizada

AAP: Rajiv Gautam

39. Constituency name: Kutlehar

Sitting MLA: Virender Kanwar (BJP)

BJP: Virender Kanwar

Congress: Devender Kumar Bhutto

AAP: Anil Mankotiya

40. Constituency name: Jhanduta (SC)

Sitting MLA: Jeet Ram Katwal (BJP)

BJP: Jeet Ram Katwal

Congress: Vivek Kumar

AAP: Sudhir Suman

41. Constituency name: Ghumarwin

Sitting MLA: Rajinder Garg (BJP)

BJP: Rajinder Garg

Congress: Rajesh Dharmani

AAP: Rakesh Chopra

42. Constituency name: Bilaspur

Sitting MLA: Subhash Thakur (BJP)

BJP: Trilok Jamwal

Congress: Bumber Thakur

AAP: Amar Singh Chaudhary

43. Constituency name: Sri Naina Deviji

Sitting MLA: Ram Lal Thakur (INC)

BJP: Randhir Sharma

Congress: Ram Lal Thakur

AAP: Narender Thakur

44. Constituency name: Arki

Sitting MLA: Virbhadra Singh (INC)

BJP: Govind Ram Sharma

Congress: Sanjay Awasthi

AAP: Jeet Ram Sharma

45. Constituency name: Nalagarh

Sitting MLA: Lakhwinder Singh (BJP)

BJP: Lakhwinder Rana

Congress: Hardeep Singh Bawa

AAP: Dharampal Chauhan

46. Constituency name: Doon

Sitting MLA: Paramjeet Singh (BJP) 

BJP: Paramjeet Singh 

Congress: Ram Kumar Chaudhary

AAP: Sawarn Singh Saini

47. Constituency name: Solan (SC)

Sitting MLA: Dr. (col.) Dhani Ram Shandil (INC)

BJP: Dr. Rajesh Kashyap

Congress: Dr. (col.) Dhani Ram Shandil

AAP: Anju Rathore

48. Constituency name: Kasauli (SC)

Sitting MLA: Dr. Rajiv Saizal (BJP)

BJP: Dr. Rajiv Saizal

Congress: Vinod Sultanpuri

AAP: Harmel Dhiman

49. Constituency name: Pachhad (SC)

Sitting MLA: Suresh Kumar Kashyap (bjp)

BJP: Reena Kashyap

Congress: Dayal Pyari

AAP: Ankush Chauhan

50. Constituency name: Nahan

Sitting MLA: Dr. Rajeev Bindal (BJP)

BJP: Dr. Rajeev Bindal

Congress: Ajay Solanki

AAP: Sunil Sharma

51. Constituency name: Sri Renukaji (SC)

Sitting MLA: Vinay Kumar (INC)

BJP: Narayan Singh

Congress: Vinay Kumar

AAP: Lt.Col. Ram Krishnan

52. Constituency name: Paonta Sahib

Sitting MLA: Sukh Ram (BJP) 

BJP: Sukhram Chaudhary

Congress: Kirnesh Jung

AAP: Manish Thakur

53. Constituency name: Shillai

Sitting MLA: Harshwardhan Singh Chauhan (INC)

BJP: Baldev Tomar

Congress: Harshwardhan Singh Chauhan

AAP: Nathuram Chauhan

54. Constituency name: Chopal

Sitting MLA: Balbir Verma (BJP)

BJP: Balbir Verma

Congress: Rajneesh Kimta

AAP: Uday Singhta

55. Constituency name: Theog

Sitting MLA: Rakesh Singha (CPM)

BJP: Ajay Shyam

Congress: Kuldeep Singh Rathore

AAP: Atar Singh Chandel

56. Constituency name: Kasumpti

Sitting MLA: Anirudh Singh (INC)

BJP: Suresh Bhardwaj

Congress: Anirudh Singh

AAP: Rajesh Channa

57. Constituency name: Shimla

Sitting MLA: Suresh Bhardwaj (BJP)

BJP: Sanjay Sood

Congress: Harish Janartha

AAP: Chaman Rakesh Ajta

58. Constituency name: Shimla Rural

Sitting MLA: Vikramaditya Singh (INC) 

BJP: Ravi Mehta

Congress: Vikramaditya Singh

AAP: Prem Thakur

59. Constituency name: Jubbal-Kotkhai

Sitting MLA: Narinder Bragta (BJP) 

BJP: Chetan Bragta

Congress: Rohit Thakur

AAP: Srikant Chauhan

60. Constituency name: Rohru (SC)

Sitting MLA: Mohan Lal Brakta (INC)

BJP: Shashi Bala

Congress: Mohan Lal Brakta

AAP: Ashwani Kumar

61. Constituency name: Kinnaur (ST)

Sitting MLA: Jagat Singh Negi (INC)

BJP: Surat Negi

Congress: Jagat Singh Negi

AAP: Tersem Singh

62. Constituency name: Karsog (SC)

Sitting MLA: Hira Lal (BJP)

BJP: Deepraj Kapoor (Banthal)

Congress: Mahesh Raj

AAP: Bhagwant Singh

63. Constituency name: Dehra

Sitting MLA: Hoshyar Singh (IND)

BJP: Ramesh Dhawala

Congress: Rajesh Sharma

AAP: Col. Manish Dhiman

64. Constituency name: Jawalamukhi

Sitting MLA: Ramesh Chand Dhawala (BJP)

BJP: Ravinder Singh Ravi

Congress: Sanjay Rattan

AAP: Hoshiyar Singh

65. Constituency name: Kullu

Sitting MLA: Sunder Singh Thakur (INC)

BJP: Maheshwar Singh

Congress: Sunder Singh Thakur

AAP: Sher Singh Shera Negi

66. Constituency name: Barsar

Sitting MLA: Inder Dutt Lakhanpal (INC)

BJP: Maya Sharma

Congress: Inder Dutt Lakhanpal

AAP: Gulshan Soni

67. Constituency name: Haroli

Sitting MLA: Mukesh Agnihotri (INC)

BJP: Ramkumar

Congress: Mukesh Agnihotri

AAP: Ravinder Pal Singh Mann

68. Constituency name: Rampur (SC)

Sitting MLA: Nand Lal (INC)

BJP: Kaul Negi

Congress: Nand Lal

AAP: Uday Singh Dogra